May 9, 2019

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In Shannon’s interview we discuss:

  • A little about Shannon’s book Surrender and what led her to write it (affiliate link)
  • Why should we consider letting go and what gets in our way of doing so
  • Some of the limiting beliefs and other things Shannon had to let go of as part of her surrender journey
  • The steps you can take to start surrendering any situation that doesn’t serve you
  • Victim mindset and how to become aware of it and shift it
  • Surrender – how do you know if you’re there?
  • Immediate surrender versus surrender over time
  • Resistance and how that makes your difficult life situations worse
  • What the other side of surrender looks like
  • About the corresponding e-course that goes along with Shannon’s book Surrender (affiliate link)

Shannon’s Free Gift is her Manifesting Abundance Meditation!


 We all want MORE.  Of something.  More love.  More peace.  More money.  This doesn’t mean we are not content with what we have, but that we have limitless desires to be fulfilled.

I can help.

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Shannon Jamail – Therapist, Coach & Author, Mind Body Complete

Shannon Jamail is a therapist-turned-coach and author leading heart-centered retreats around the globe. In addition to her yoga/meditation training, Shannon holds a degree in business as well as a masters in behavioral science, along with over two decades of working with individuals in career and self-growth for a complete mind & body approach of health, peace & prosperity.

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