May 8, 2019

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In Sarah’s interview we discuss:

  • How Sarah got started in coaching moms to grow their confidence and find their purpose?
  • Carrie shares her entrepreneurial journey to finding her purpose and passion
  • The three main questions Sarah asks her clients to help them figure out their talents and passions
  • Some of the reasons why we might have such a hard time figuring out our purpose and passion and what kind of work we want to do in this world
  • Core values and their role in finding your purpose
  • Why you shouldn’t put following your dreams on hold until your kids are older
  • What Sarah does with clients that have a hard time figuring out what lights them up or even what they enjoy doing
  • What to do once you’ve identified what you’re passionate about
  • Being intentional with how you spend your time
  • Why it is so important to your children for you to follow things that interest you outside of motherhood
  • If Sarah thinks everyone is meant to build a business, and if not, who she thinks is
  • “Overnight success” in entrepreneurship


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Sarah Talbert – Life Coach, Growing Confident Moms

Sarah is a coach who helps women discover and use their gifts to build a business that brings them joy and profit.

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