May 7, 2019

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In Sarah’s interview we discuss:

  • How Sarah got into being an organizational strategist for moms
  • Why moms in particular struggle so much with stuff
  • What Sarah meant by “When you dig into your relationship with stuff and really take a look at how you spend time big shifts can happen.”
  • How shifting your perspective on your stuff – from what do I want to get rid of to what do I want to keep and how that can impact your relationship with your stuff
  • Marie Kondo and her concept of spark joy and where it falls short
  • The reality and science behind people who claim that they are not affected by clutter
  • Easy wins and simple steps you can take to start the decluttering process
  • Where to start decluttering first
  • Some ideas on how to handle the toy and artwork clutter
  • A little about Sarah’s course Tame the Toys
  • How taming your clutter ties into being “true you” 

Sarah’s Free Gift is her download: 10 Simple Hacks To Get Your Family Organized!

Easiest-ever quick wins from how to set up your refrigerator to calming the clutter storm — in less time than it takes to drink a latte.

Sarah Hembree – Organizational Strategist, Nest Happy

Sarah is an innovative organizational strategist, speaker, coach, and founder of Nest Happy.  She helps time-strapped moms and small business owners create time and space for everyone to thrive.

Sarah has an uncanny ability to translate complicated concepts into genuine, practical, relatable steps that are easy to follow and achieve an overall lasting transformation in her client’s lives.  She has experience growing up around hoarders and while very organized, she’s not a minimalist but a practical mom of (almost) three boys.

Sarah is a patented biomedical engineer and worked many years in genetic research, product development and project management in startup and corporate environments before a couple key “ah-ha” moment with kids and stuff and became an entrepreneur.

Fueled by La Croix and motivated by the little tornadoes that are her kids, she’s thriving with every moment freed up so she can enjoy her passion – helping you find yours and making the time to enjoy it.

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