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  • Be sure to join the Modern Mom Society Facebook group – I will be hosting a Facebook live every day at 11:00 AM CST to introduce the day’s topic.¬† You’ll also be able to connect with summit experts and other summit attendees there! I will also be giving away a free deluxe True You Summit Package for the person who participates the most in the Facebook group during the week of the summit!

Each day will have a theme with three expert talks that will be available for 24 hours starting at 10 AM CST on the day as noted.

  • May 6: Parenting
  • May 7: Mom Life
  • May 8: Authenticity
  • May 9: Spirit
  • May 10: Mind & Body


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I would hate for you miss out on any of these amazing interviews!¬† I can tell you that each presentation is loaded with numerous (as Oprah likes to say) “aha moments‚ÄĚ that could make a big difference in your experience of motherhood and in your life in general as you get reconnected with your True You.

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What you’ll learn…

True You Parenting explores all the areas in which we can learn to parent from our true self and be the parent we want to be, as well as learn and grow ourselves through parenting our children.

  • Developing your parenting intuition
  • How parenting our children help us grow as people and into our true selves
  • How to connect to your inner wisdom and parent from a space of calm centeredness

True You Mom Life dives into the areas of being your true self that come along with being a mom.  The mom guilt, the clutter, the comparisons, and why you should put yourself first to get to your true you.

  • Why putting yourself first is important to being your true you, why it’s great for the whole family, and how to actually make it happen!
  • How clutter affects our true you and tips for getting started decluttering
  • How to ditch mom guilt and stop comparing yourself to have a happier, more joy-filled mom life

True You Authenticity is all about living in alignment with your true self. Finding your purpose and pursuing it, setting boundaries to keep you on your true path, and knowing you are perfect exactly as you are. 

  • Finding your purpose and why it’s important to pursue it
  • Setting and holding healthy boundaries
  • How perfectionism keeps you from being your true you and how to overcome it

True You Spirit helps remove the obstacles that are in the way of¬†us connecting to our divine self and what God, Jesus, the universe (or whatever you want to call it) and your soul truly wants for you while you’re on this planet.

  • How discontent can serve our higher good and what to do about it
  • Surrender and how it gets you closer to your true you
  • Spiritual healing and how to uncover our true selves

True You Mind & Body explores food, exercise, and the mind/body connection to health and wellness and how to connect to your intuition for guidance on taking care of your body the way it was meant to be cared for. 

  • Intuitive Eating and how to be Spiritual, Sexy & Sane
  • Building a healthy relationship with your body and finding the right exercise for you and your busy schedule
  • The seven core issues at the root of health, body, and food challenges and mind/body approaches to healing

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