May 6, 2019

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In Marcilie’s interview we discuss:

  • The four doors of intuition and how these different inputs develop our intuition around parenting
  • Why just “listen to your gut” may not always work
  • Examples of how your context and experience shapes your intuition
  • Tuning into your body for answers and noticing sensations for different feelings
  • Using this knowledge to mold and shape your intuition into something that is more resonant to you
  • How to know what information to trust and what experts to follow
  • Developing a sense of resonance and what feels right for you
  • How to develop your intuition via all four doors
  • Discerning between a conditioned response and a response based on intuition
  • Advice for holding boundaries when your child has big upsets when you do so
  • Marcilie shares a story about how she created and held loving limits with her daughter
  • How your intuition can shift over time and as you progress in your parenting journey

Marcilie’s Free Gift is a webinar: 3 Keys to Authentic Success as a parent and professional!

Authentic success is success on your own terms . . . it’s the peace, purpose, and joy you feel when you let go of what others expect of you, re-discover what you truly want for yourself, and then take action to go get it. As an HBS graduate, you know what it’s like to be driven toward excellence in everything you do including your career and your parenting. In this interactive webinar, you’ll slow down for an hour to re-connect to what matters most to you, and map out small steps to get you closer to your authentic success.  

This webinar was originally presented though Harvard Business School’s Career Alumni Services.

Marcilie Smith Boyle – Positive Discipline Trainer & Life Coach, Working Parenting

Marcilie Smith Boyle is mother of three school-aged children, a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Certified Life and Leadership Coach who teaches Positive Discipline courses live and online, coaches individuals and groups on career transitions and parenting, as well as life coaching and executive leadership coaching.

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