May 9, 2019

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In Lola’s interview we discuss:

  • If discontent is just part of life and the difference between discontent and dissatisfaction
  • How to tell if discontent is divinely guided or egocentric
  • Lola shares an example of some divine discontent that she had in her life and what she did with it
  • How discontent serves you in the long run
  • Gratitude as a tool for shifting your neurology and your level of discontent
  • How spiritual practitioners coach clients through making shifts in their lives around something that isn’t working for them
  • Changing your belief system and inner world to affect change on your outer world
  • How to exit the hamster wheel of life that keeps us eternally dissatisfied
  • A simple hack to change how you think about things
  • Lola shares how she used these tools to completely change her life situation from one on welfare to a life she loves
  • Examples of historical figures who applied these principles and made radical changes on the planet
  • If Lola feels content with her life now that she’s made radical shifts or if she still feels longings to continue to evolve and change
  • Carrie and Lola share examples of how shifting your perspective can have a big impact on your experience of life
  • Listening to your own internal guidance system
  • What advice Lola has for moms in specific on this topic
  • How Lola made self-care work as a young single mother of two (if she did it, you can do it!)
  • Lola’s move, breathe, vocalize exercise for processing through emotion


Lola’s Free Gift is her How to Save Your Own Life e-book!

Dope Wisdom from Sacred Lyrics: A Collection of The Brightest Spiritual Minds

This e-book features a collection of words of wisdom from spiritual leaders Latham Thomas, Casper Ter Kuille, Eric Williams,  Leonard Hollander, Jill Salzman, Brandan Robertson, Neichelle Guidry, Angela Zone, Channyn Lynne Parker, Jessica Zweig and Lola herself.


Lola Wright – CEO & Spiritual Director, Bodhi Chicago

Lola Wright is the CEO & Spiritual Director of Bodhi Chicago, a global center for consciousness engaging change agents and explorers locally and around the world. Lola is also the Founder of Normal White People. a platform designed to develop racial consciousness and untangle unconscious bias among white identified people. A fierce and loving leader who serves as a lightning rod for individual transformation in service of collective awakening, Wright is a guide, speaker, teacher, wife, and mom of four children. After spending 15 years with global financial institutions in banking and real estate, she is now a member of the Leadership Council of The Association for Global New Thought and a member of The Brain Trust with Chicago Ideas. Lola is a graduate of Emerson Theological Institute and a certified coach through the Conscious Leadership Group.

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