May 8, 2019

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In Kim’s interview we discuss:

  • How Kim came to write her book about overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure
  • If she thinks perfectionists are raised that way or born that way
  • Some of the downsides to having perfectionistic tendencies
  • How perfectionism relates to being your true you
  • Who Kim used as her model of how not to be a perfectionist, why she chose him, and what she learned from watching him
  • Tips for overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure (and a college that has this as part of their curriculum!)
  • Teaching your kids persistence and not giving up to early
  • Areas in which Kim had perfectionistic tendencies that she was able to overcome
  • What lessons she has learned from her autistic son
  • If Kim feels like she’s overcome perfectionism
  • How Millenials in particular have really benefitted from her book


Kim Foster Carlson –Broadcast Journalist & Author

Kim Foster Carlson is an award-winning broadcast journalist, having spent the last 27 years as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area radio and television media. Kim Foster has worked as a traffic reporter, news reporter, news anchor, sports anchor, and talk show host. She has covered a wide range of stories from 9/11 to the tech boom in Silicon Valley. In 2011, was named the mid-day anchor at KGO radio and led coverage of a breaking story “Oikos University Shooting.” KGO’s coverage of that story won a National Murrow Award. Kim’s first book “Good Enough: How to Overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure to Live Your Best Life”  gives you the tools overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back in an easy to read format with concrete tips on how to live your best life.

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