May 9, 2019

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In Josefa’s interview we discuss:

  • What is a shaman and why Josefa decided to become one
  • How she goes in and does a shamanic spiritual healing
  • How Josefa receives intuitive messages
  • Discerning between intuitive hits and just a thought in your logical brain
  • Some of the benefits you can experience after a soul healing
  • Belief system work and how it can help you move forward in your life
  • How do you uncover what is actually true for you and if your current belief system is valid
  • The underlying truth of why we are here
  • How to start changing false beliefs
  • What to do about the people in your life who want to keep you stuck and put up resistance to you changing how you’ve always been
  • A final tip regarding taking in information from others and the world around us 

Josefa Lan – Shaman & Intuitive Coach

Josefa is a shamanic healer and intuitive coach. She works with men and women of all ages and walks of life to help them reclaim their full spiritual power, connect with their truth, and align their lives with their own guidance system. Her work provides a multifaceted approach to healing the whole self- mental, emotional, and spiritual so that the highest form of transformation and empowerment are possible.

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