The True You Summit experts have generously donated these awesome freebies to the summit attendees! There are all sorts of resources offered: e-books, mini-courses, guides, meditations and more!

Click the links below to get these great gifts.

Marcilie’s Free Gift is a webinar: 3 Keys to Authentic Success as a parent and professional!

Authentic success is success on your own terms . . . it’s the peace, purpose, and joy you feel when you let go of what others expect of you, re-discover what you truly want for yourself, and then take action to go get it. As an Harvard Business School graduate, you know what it’s like to be driven toward excellence in everything you do including your career and your parenting. In this interactive webinar, you’ll slow down for an hour to re-connect to what matters most to you, and map out small steps to get you closer to your authentic success.  

This webinar was originally presented though Harvard Business School’s Career Alumni Services.

Casey’s Free Gift is her Journey to Joy e-Course!

Journey to Joy is a 3 part offer: Each Module contains a video, audio and workbook to guide you in doing your work.
You will go from awareness to choice to action…

* You will increase your awareness around the areas you are stuck (you know, the irritation that never seems to go away… the exhaustion, the guilt and shame that shows up so often after you have “dealt with” the challenges your kids bring on a regular basis.

* You will spend time exploring new choices, new ways of being… Inviting in the qualities that are missing. Love, compassion, self acceptance and non-judgement… You will learn how to open up your body and allow these emotions in.

* You will create a practice for teaching your body and mind a NEW pattern, making this new way of being more readily available when you need it.

Shifting the dynamics in your being, will shift the dynamics in your home.

Christina’s Free Gift is two Spiritually Aware Exercises!

An exercise for you, to help you find connection to that deeper part of you, that spiritual essence.

(It comes from Christina’s course Stepping into Your Light.)

And an exercise for your children on Emotional awareness ​(it comes from Christina’s course Spiritual Kids.)

Sunit’s Free Gift is her High Vibe Life Workbook!

Have you wondered if you are ready for more? More happiness. More love. More time. More abundance……….? Get Sunit’s workbook and get the tools to start shifting your mindset and start living your best life. Her High Vibe Life Workbook gives you 30 days of actionable steps and accountability to make it happen.

Sarah’s Free Gift is her download: 10 Simple Hacks To Get Your Family Organized!

Easiest-ever quick wins from how to set up your refrigerator to calming the clutter storm — in less time than it takes to drink a latte.

Angie’s Free Gift is her Emergency Shot of Joy – Top Ten Affirmations to Rescue You from Mama Overwhelm!

Ever feel like your inner mean mama is taking over?  Ever wish you could just access a magic pill of JOY to snap you out of the overwhelm and give you a sense of calm in knowing that you’re doing just fine?  Well here it is!  Your Emergency Shot of JOY!  My favorite affirmations to rescue you from Mama Overwhelm!  Sign Up to get your FREE download of this great resource and then you can print it out and post it all over your house… or in your purse… or maybe make it your laptop/phone background!  You can do whatever you want with it… and I know if you’re consistent with using it you will see amazing improvement in your energy and how you show up every day of your mama life!

Sarah’s Free Gift is her Discover Your Purpose e-mail training series!

Stop feeling stuck, frustrated and unclear. Get this 5 day e-mail training on how to find your purpose and start living with more purpose!

Steph’s Free Gift is her free article: How to Say NO to People Who Just Won’t Listen!

A quick & easy guide on how to protect your rights when someone won’t listen.  Learn how to recognize the tactics people use to distract you from setting a boundary.

In this guide you’ll receive:

  • Simple approaches to deal with a difficult person
  • Examples and stories that you can relate to
  • 13 manipulation tactics and how to deal with each one
  • Practical advice you can start using now

Lola’s Free Gift is her How to Save Your Own Life e-book!

Dope Wisdom from Sacred Lyrics: A Collection of The Brightest Spiritual Minds

This e-book features a collection of words of wisdom from spiritual leaders Latham Thomas, Casper Ter Kuille, Eric Williams,  Leonard Hollander, Jill Salzman, Brandan Robertson, Neichelle Guidry, Angela Zone, Channyn Lynne Parker, Jessica Zweig and Lola herself.

Shannon’s Free Gift is her Manifesting Abundance Meditation!

 We all want MORE.  Of something.  More love.  More peace.  More money.  This doesn’t mean we are not content with what we have, but that we have limitless desires to be fulfilled.

I can help.

Sign up for my completely free manifestation mediation.  I did this mediation myself everyday and within just a few months I had my book published, my business doubled and my relationships thriving.  And I want to gift it to you.  No strings.  

There is a catch though.

You have to use it.

Katie’s Free Gift is her guide: 10 Ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection!

Katie’s top 10 ways to deepen your spiritual practice and amp up your spiritual connection! Including her favorite books, podcasts, tips and actual tools to get your spiritual skin-back in the game!

Allison’s Free Gift is her Bell Blaster Kettelbell Workout!

Welcome to Bell Blaster. Bell Blaster workouts are aimed at giving you
the intensity and resistance training necessary for the most effective and time efficient workout.

These three full body workouts will get your heart rate up, burn fat, and help build muscle. YES! Your workout can accomplish all that in a short amount of time. With the right amount of resistance (the kettlebell) and a well-designed workout, we can accomplish more in less time.

Faith’s Free Gift is her e-book “5 Ways to Overcome Your Food Cravings”!

Is willpower not cutting it with your food cravings? 

Tired of fighting your body and need some practical tips as to how to work in harmony with it and feel more at peace with your body and food?

Get Faith’s e-book and get five actionable steps to get you feeling good about your food choices!