May 10, 2019

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In Faith’s interview we discuss:

  • Faith’s personal story of healing and how she came to do the type of coaching that she does
  • Why listening to your body as it relates to following a certain out of the box diet (like Paleo or keto) is so important
  • What are the things outside of the physical so important to healing our bodies and healing our relationship to food, and why changing the diet is rarely enough to heal
  • What your struggle with your body or with food is here to teach you
  • Faith’s lesson to learn from her struggle with her body and with food
  • The seven core issues that Faith sees at the root of health/body/food challenges (moms are especially guilty of #1!)
  • Thoughts around inner child work on yourself as an adult and “not screwing up your kids” as a mom
  • Faith’s favorite tools for helping her clients uncover the mind/body/emotional issues holding them back from a healthier body and healthier relationship with food
  • What tips Faith has for moms in specific on this topic

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Faith Shevlin –Mind-Body Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Spiritual/Intuitive Mentor

Faith is a mind-body coach, holistic nutritionist and spiritual/intuitive mentor, as well as the host of a podcast, IMperfectly Healthy: where the psychology, science, and spirituality of health and wholeness meet.   

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