May 6, 2019

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In Christina’s interview we discuss:

  • How Christina came to focus her parent coaching practice around spirituality
  • “Taking the fishbowl off” and reconnecting to her spiritual nature as a new parent
  • Tackling tantrums from a spiritual place
  • Why quick fixes to behavior issues in your kids likely won’t get you the long term results you are looking for
  • What Christina recommends to help moms find their ground zero and be able to parent from a space of calm centeredness
  • Ideas for self-care that aren’t bubble baths, yoga classes, and hour-long meditation sessions
  • Christina’s “at least” game that she plays with her kids to help shift their moods
  • Connecting back to your inner wisdom, your inner voice and have that guide how you parent
  • Navigating the line between making the right choice for your child and what would be the easier choice
  • Dealing with making the “wrong” choice in a parenting moment
  • If the inner voice gets louder as you start making more aligned choices
  • Some of the other tools Christina has to help her clients get in touch with their inner wisdom
  • Embracing silence as a tool to get in touch with your inner voice
  • Christina’s octopus visualization exercise and how she uses it with her clients to help them release the clatter in their minds
  • What to do if you aren’t getting the inner guidance that you’re hoping for
  • A bit about core desired feelings and how Christina uses them as a way to guide to her true you

Christina’s Free Gift is two Spiritually Aware Exercises!

An exercise for you, to help you find connection to that deeper part of you, that spiritual essence.

(It comes from Christina’s course Stepping into Your Light.)

And an exercise for your children on Emotional awareness ​(it comes from Christina’s course Spiritual Kids.)

Christina Fletcher – Energy Healer and Parent Coach, Spiritually Aware Parenting

Christina is an Energy Healer and Spiritually Aware Parent Coach. She specializes in helping moms tune into their truest selves so they can shine authentically for their children and in all elements of their lives. Through her courses, coaching and new membership program she loves to give parents quick processes so they can tune in quickly no matter what the chaos around them.

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