May 7, 2019

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In Angie’s interview we discuss:

  • Why you should stop comparing yourself and your children to others (especially on social media!) and how to do it
  • Why comparison-itis is so prevalent, especially for moms
  • Generational differences in how moms compared themselves to other moms
  • How dads don’t get caught in the same comparison trap
  • How Angie coaches moms around filtering out all of the noise and getting to what’s true for them and not some expert or another mom
  • Identifying where you have issues with comparing yourself
  • Steps to start coming into alignment with where you want to be in life, not to where someone else is
  • Uncovering the answers from within
  • Tips for prioritizing your values and things that are important to you
  • Mom guilt – where it comes from, why it’s so prevalent, and what to do about it
  • All about joy and why Angie focuses her life and coaching around joy 

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Angie Martin – Certified Life Purpose Coach

Angie is a certified life purpose coach for mamas ready to let go of comparisonitis and fear so they can start living a more joyful life feeling confident and secure in who they are as women, not just moms.

Angie works with clients individually and in groups, manages a judgment-free Facebook group for her audience of amazing moms from all walks of life and is over the moon excited to be hosting her first annual retreat for mamas this Spring.

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