Why True You?

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A long winding soul journey has brought me here to the True You Summit, where of two of my life’s paths converged recently.

One path was my entrepreneurial journey searching for fulfilling and meaningful work that has taken many twists and turns over the last 10+ years as I followed my soul’s nudges.  I tried out a few different ventures: as a professional organizer, a graphic designer for wedding logos, place cards and invitations, and as a health coach… the coaching which led me to organize a summit in 2016 called Surviving Early Childhood.  Putting on that event was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done, and to continue the spirit of that adventure, The Modern Mom Society podcast was born.  (you can read a little more in depth about my entrepreneurial journey here and here) I absolutely loved producing the podcast, but 40 episodes in I felt like I needed to take a break to hear where my next soul nudge was going to take me.

The other path was the health journey I had been on over the past 20+ years. It started with migraine like headaches, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues in my late teens/early 20s. I was feeling really awful most days and went to countless doctors to address what was going on.  Western medicine didn’t do much but throw some pills at me that didn’t help at all, and I then turned to alternative medicine and started seeing some improvements.  I devoured as much information as I possibly could about natural/holistic healing and because of that knowledge and my perfectionist nature, I was convinced I my body was “broken” and needed to be “fixed” because of some minor symptoms (namely bloating and some skin stuff) even though I was actually feeling really great relative to where I started from.  So I continued this crazy self improvement project, spending thousands on supplements, testing, and doctors’ visits, all the while feeling emotionally drained and awful about myself.  It came to a head when I did this “natural” procedure about a year ago that was supposed to help me with some of my symptoms and I landed in the ER with some major abdominal pain.  It really made me question what I was doing, making myself way worse trying to fix symptoms most people wouldn’t think twice about.  The final doctor I saw as a last ditch effort suggested that I take a look at the spiritual side of what this journey has taught me.  At that point it was a big a-ha, and I realized that the whole health quest was there to serve as a way to teach me that I’m ok just as I am. It wasn’t about the physicality of it, because I was basically spinning my wheels on the body front.  It was about learning self-acceptance and self-love all along and letting go of trying to be perfect.

Around the same time I surrendered trying to fix my health and I surrendered pushing and striving with the Modern Mom Society podcast, I was invited to be a guest on a fellow podcaster’s show discussing the spiritual side of health.  As soon as I got done recording that episode I was on such a high and I was hit with the inspiration for the True You Summit.

I am so excited to have you here and to see the summit come to fruition! Thanks for being part of my journey. I hope we continue on this path together once the summit concludes.


Carrie 🙂